Monday Night Lit | “family photo, south l.a., 1996” and “remembrance” 

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sPARKLE & bLINK | “Ghosts

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Winter 2017 | Home is Where

Fall 2017 | Families of San Francisco

Summer 2017 | Celebrating 25 Years of the Tenderloin After-School Program

Spring 2017 |Health & Wellness at the Tenderloin Neighborhood Development  Corporation


Russian-English Translations

Two Lines Press |  “On Tuesday…” and “One Million” (Originals by Daniil Kharms)

Troika Journal |”The Man Who Left His House” and “The Cheerful Violinist” (Originals by Daniil Kharms) and “And Could You?” and “Here, Take It!” (Originals by Vladimir Mayakovsky)